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SanDisk Standard 1GB SD cards

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SanDisk Standard 1GB SD cards Description :

SanDisk's 1GB Secure Digital (SD) Card is just the size of a regular UK stamp, and is highly secure with the data it can store. SanDisk's SD Card weighs a tiny two grams and can be used in a wide variety of digital products including; MP3 players, Digital cameras, digital video camcorders, Smart-Phones.

Sandisk's SD range reads at 5 MB/sec and writes at 1.5 MB/sec
SanDisk Standard 1GB SD cards Key Features

High transfer speed for fast Read/Write Process.
Non-volatile solid-state; no moving parts
Data is not lost when power is turned off Low power consumption to maximize battery life.
Write protect switch on the exterior of the card.
Large 1GB capacity
Compatible with SD compliant devices.
Equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor the operating shock is a rating of 2,000Gs,
Warranty 10 years
* Dual voltage: 1.8V/3.3V
* Weight: 4g