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Extend Your Digital Camera's Battery Life for More Lights, Camera, Action!

Digital cameras are great way to capture life's special moments. Whether it is wedding, birthday party or a new baby, digital cameras can capture that moment in time. When that special time comes, you don't want you digital camera's battery to die. So here is my top five ways to extend you digital camera's battery life.

1. A great way to extend you digital camera battery , is by using a battery extending product. The battery extender I use is, the BatMax Battery Life Extender for Digital Cameras. It can raises the digital camera battery's charging ability. The Batmax battery life extender prolongs the battery life span and reduces the number of times you have to charge it.

2. Many digital cameras have settings that have a Power Save feature. This is designed to balance battery consumption with the digital camera performance.

3 Another great way to extend your battery life is by not pressing the shutter button halfway. I always make sure I'm 100% ready to take a picture because This consumes a lot of energy for a digital camera.

4. Another way to extend your battery is by using the optical viewfinder instead of the LCD. The LCD will quickly consume your battery quickly and leave less time to take pictures.

5. Constantly previewing your pictures on your digital camera, is something that we are all guilty of. But this is one of the fastest ways to kill your digital camera battery. What I would suggest is transferring you pictures to your computer and viewing them that way, instead of via LCD.

Digital Camera Battery Life

As you gain experience with your digital camera, you'll use it more often and shoot more pictures in a single setting. Digital Battery life varies depending on the model of the camera you own and the number of features you use. When you power up the camera, an icon appears that indicates the state of the battery charge. Most cameras issue some kind of warning when you're about to exhaust the battery. There's nothing more frustrating than running out of battery when you're photographing beautiful scenery. If your camera uses alkaline batteries, carry a spare set with you. If your camera uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery , purchase an extra battery and keep the fully charged spare in your camera bag. Another option you may want to consider is a battery charger that works off a car cigarette lighter. That way you can recharge an exhausted battery and shoot pictures with your spare. You can also change certain menu settings and do other things to maximize the life of your battery

Access your camera menu and change the following settings:

  Set the image review to the shortest interval. This determines the amount of time an image is displayed after you take a picture. Shorter review times conserve battery power.
  Set the power saving mode to the shortest interval. This determines the amount of time before the camera goes into sleep mode, which conserves battery power.

Whenever possible, use the camera viewfinder to compose your scene as the LCD viewer uses more power.

Don't erase an image unless absolutely necessary. Erasing images consumes battery power.

Use camera zoom sparingly. The motor to power the camera zoom uses battery power.

Only use the camera flash when necessary. If you get in the habit of shooting with natural light, you'll conserve battery power and get more natural looking pictures to boot.

When shooting in cold climates, keep your camera warm when not in use. One method is to store the camera between your body and coat.

Battery life is shorter when you're shooting in a cold climate. Keep your spare digtal camera battery in your pocket to keep it warm. If you're not going to use your camera for a few weeks, remove the battery to prevent trickle discharge.