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Equivalent SONY NP-FP70 Camcorder Battery

Your camcorders battery life is very important. Without battery power you can quickly become useless. We supply fresh batteries for SONY NP-FP70 Camcorder Battery and related accessories.The NP-FP70 battery pack replaces the SONY Camcorder Battery, Never run out of battery power when you're just about to capture the perfect moment! All of camcorder batteries achieve international standards such as CE, UL Listed, and/or ISO9001/9002 certification.30-Day Money Back Guarantee, No Hassle Return !

SONY NP-FP70 Battery
Meet or Exceed Original Specifications !
  • Battery Weight :
  • Battery Chemistry : Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage : 7.4V(Compatible with 7.2V)
  • Battery Capacity : 1400mAh
  • Battery Color : GREY
  • Product Number : CSN046G
  • Dimensions : 45 X 32 X 38.5MM
  • High capacity, Longer Record Time
USD $31.75+ (S&H)

SONY NP-FP70 Camcorder Battery
In Stock


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1) A new NP-FP70 battery usually maintains a discharged condition with very low capacity. It is highly recommended to fully charge new SONY NP-FP70 batteries packs before using.

2) A new SONY battery pack needs to be circled (fully discharged and recharged) three to five times to reach its optimum performance.

3) Recharge a spent battery as soon as possible after use. While this isn't critical, shallower charges of Li-Ion batteries put less stress on the battery than a deep full charge. Besides, you never know when you might meet Elvis.

Do not leave the battery in the charger after the indicator says it's fully replenished. (Don't    leave the battery in the camcorder either.) Store the battery at room temperature. Stashing it in the fridge to slow battery drain is pointless if you...

   A Lithium-Ion battery offers about 40% more charge capacity than a Nickel Cadmium battery of similar size and weight. This camcorder battery can be fully charged in less than half the time than it would take a Nickel Cadmium battery to charge. Lithium-Ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect. Not having to worry about memory effect you can charge your battery when it is 90% fully charged and not hurt it at all. It is best to keep this type of camcorder battery fully charged. Lithium-Ion batteries are also the most expensive on the market. It is best to store your Lithium-Ion batteries in a cool ,dry area, safe from shock. Be sure to recycle them when they're ready to be discarded